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Skott Roze (born 24th February 1988) An English Actor born in Southampton. Skott first decided to pursue his passion for acting at a very young age whereby he applied and was offered a place at the prestigious Brit School in London, beating many thousands of other applicants winning an out of the catchment area scholarship. Unfortunately for Skott it was not the time to pursue his acting career due to personal reasons.

After making a living as a Salesman for many years, Skott decided at the age of 30 that he would again try to fulfill his dream of becoming an Actor. With the support of his family he finally took steps towards that goal.

Known for his distinctive red hair and moody look ensures he is regularly cast for villainous roles. Skott's recent work includes an appearance on the 2020 Doctor Who Christmas special and short film The Visitor. He has also appeared in a number of television programs including Casualty. He is currently working on a new TV program due out later this year.